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About the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA)
The European Personal Construct Association (EPCA) 
is a multidisciplinary professional society which supports the study of, and communication about, the life and work of George Alexander Kelly (1905-1967), the Psychology of Personal Constructs (PCP), and Kelly's ongoing influence in the many fields to which he contributed.

EPCA pursues these aims by organising biennial conferences in various European countries. EPCA is closely associated with the George Kelly Society (GKS) and uses the Society's resources for communication and information, including the GKS NewsBlog (Contact: Prof. David Winter)..


In 1990, during the 2nd British Conference on Personal Construct Psychology, it was decided to establish a pan-European organisation aimed at spreading the core ideas of Personal Construct Psychology. It was supposed to act as an umbrella for the existing national organisations and as a source of information for people in other countries who often did not have access to information but also no chance of getting in touch with colleagues with similar interests. These endeavours resulted in an Inaugural Conference in York, UK in 1992 and the foundation of the European Personal Construct Association - EPCA.

Since then, thirteen biennial conferences have been held in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Sweden and the UK, and for many years a newsletter served as the main device for spreading information as well as for staying in touch. 
The advent of the Internet during the late nineties had of course a considerable impact on the way a transnational association operates. A printed newsletter was replaced by a NewsBlog and other Internet resources.

The association's business was taken care of by its Steering Committee, the multinational Guidance Panel, from 1992 to 2010. After a period of transition, the co-ordination of the Biennial conferences has been taken over by the Steering Committee of the George Kelly Society. It also supports communication between national organisations and other institutions
devoted to PCP.

XIVth EPCA Conference 2018

The next Biennial EPCA Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK from 5th to 8th July, 2018. It will be organised by Richard Casebow. For preliminary information click here:

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